HealthCare Protocols for Ernakulam District

  1. The Ernakulam District Administration has created the following Protocols to ensure safety of you, your family and our community.

  2. For 80% of our citizens who catch the corona virus, there will only be mild fever/ dry cough or sore throat.

  3. Thus, the vast majority of our citizens have a strong immunity system which will overcome the fever with simple rest at home.

  4. The remaining 20% of our citizens will need hospital care.

  5. It is the primary responsibility of your District Administration to prevent an overload of the medical facilities in your district if an unlikely event occurs where a lot of citizens may get fever or symptoms within a short span of time.

  6. If such an overload takes place, the health care system and its dedicated workers who are our precious may get fatigued due to excess work and become unable to protect your health.

  7. Thus, it is your responsibility to ensure that you stay safe with clean personal hygiene.

  8. However, it is possible that you may catch a fever, cough or sore throat.

  9. Your only responsibility as a citizen is to ensure that you don't allow the virus to spread.

  10. Your district administration has planned the following facilities for a safe, comfortable and timely treatment to be provided for you, your family and our community as per the healthcare protocols laid out below.

Simple and Easy Guidelines to follow the healthcare protocols.

Travellers and people who have come in contact with CoronaVirus have the same protocol

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